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Full installation guide

1. Sign up as a B2B SaaS

- Go to and sign up as a SaaS
- Sign up with a business email
- Fill out all information needed in the onboarding steps

Not sure if we are a fit? Book a demo first.

We purely focus on B2B SaaS companies which want to set up an affiliate program. If you are looking to set up an affiliate program for your course, e-commerce or any other kind of business; we will not be the right fit for you.

3. Create a SaaS Affiliate Program

Go through the onboarding steps, where you fill out your company details. The company name you enter, will be used to created your landing page & affiliate sign up page on Reditus. Once you completed installation, you will have your own landing page and sign up page. Which would look like this;

Your website URL = your SaaS homepage. Easiest is to copy it from the URL bar in our app, as we need to have it exactly as it is.

Determine what percentage of commission you would like to give + how long. We need you to create at least one tier, you are able to change this later.

You are able to change your affiliate tier later.

Technical installation

Watch this video first, explaining the technical installation

4. Add the tracking script to your website

For us to track referrals you will need to add a tracking script to your website (including the sign-up page). Use the button "copy to clipboard" to copy the tracking script. You can grab it here:

Where do you need to install the tracking script:
On your main domain (ALL PAGES)
On the page the sign up happens (where you trigger the sign up snippet, for example;

Important notes regarding the tracking script.
We can track sub domain
It needs to be active on all pages + where registrations happen
Do not place it behind the cookie wall.

See these articles for more information:
How to install the tracking script
How to see if the tracking script is working
Why do you not need cookie consent

5. Add the snippet into your signup form & book a demo

We want to know when someone leaves their details via an affiliate. Most common actions are; sign ups & book a demo's.

The Reditus sign up snippet:

gr('track', 'conversion', { email: "" });

What you need to know about the snippet
The tracking script has to be live where you fire the snippet
The snippet only sends us information when there is an active cookie (so if someone came from an affiliate link)
The snippet has to be inserted into the code of your registration form
The snippet has to be only fired ONCE. Only fire it at new signups!
Change to the actual email attribute from the sign up form.

How does the snippet work?
It looks if there is an active cookie
It sends us the email from the person signing up (to your tool)
We attribute the sign up to the right affiliate (based on the cookie)

Are you using a Book a Demo form? Make sure to connect this as well!

What you need to know about Book a Demo's:
The book a demo has to be on your site (so you have the tracking live)
You can connect Calendly with Reditus here:
You can connect Hubspot with Reditus here:

For Calendly; you will need a paid subscription with Calendly

Need more guidance, see these more in depth articles:

Installing the sign up snippet into your code
How to connect Calendly with Reditus
How to test the sign up snippet

6. Connecting your payment processor.

For us to track referrals buying a paid subscription we would need you to receive payment information. There are multiple ways in sending us payment information, they can all be found here;

Connect Stripe
Connect Paddle Billing (we do not support classic)
Send it via our API (only available in our paid plans)

Are you sending manual invoices? Send us a chat message or book a call to discuss possibilities.

7. Setup details for your landing page, sign up page & Marketplace listing

setup your affiliate program details

Check all the tabs in Affiliate Program
- Add all details regarding your program
- Make sure to add a resource URL (more information & examples)
- Add multiple tiers if you want to reward affiliates if they drive paid referrals (learn more)
- Add Affiliate Terms and conditions (message us if you don't have any)

Check the advanced settings for selecting different options
Setup questions for affiliates to answer when applying to your program
If everything is done; check your landing & affiliate sign up page

Want to list yourself in the Reditus marketplace? Go premium here, or read here more about it here.

8. Start inviting affiliates

When you completed the technical installation & have setup all details regarding your program; it is time to invite affiliates.

inviting affiliates

Hereby quick wins to get your first affiliates:
Send out an email to your current users
Invite current partners / people who are already recommending you
Add "Affiliate program" to your website footer, and have it go to your landing page or create a page for it yourself
Add it to your email signature: "Love xx? Join our affiliate program here"

We provide you also with an auto-accept link, which means everyone who joins via that link will be automatically approved to you program.

9. Keep track of what happens

Within your dashboard, you can keep track of everything you need to know and see who is performing best

The dashboard would only start metrics when you have things happening within it.

Reditus dashboard for B2B SaaS

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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