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How to set up multiple tiers

Can I set up multiple Tiers?

Yes. Within the growth package you will get acces to the multiple tier feature. It allows you to setup public & private tiers.

Can I give Agencies a different deal?

Yes. You can create a private tier if you want to give a certain group of partners different terms. See below an example;

How do I motivate affiliates?

By giving the ability for affiliates to earn more and longer, they will do more for you. See here an example on how it works

Everyone starts at Starter: 30% for 24 months
Once 15 paid clients generated, affiliates will move to 40% for 24 months
Once 50+ paid clients generated, affiliates will stay at 40%, but will receive commission for 36 months.

Reditus tiers

Updated on: 24/09/2023

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