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How to payout affiliates?

How to do a payout to an affiliate?

With our new to launch payouts we show you exactly the following things:
Who do you need to pay
How much do you need to pay them
Why do you need to pay them

The process remains the same; you will payout the affiliates directly.

affiliate payouts

How do our payouts work?

We create a payout for you on the 1st day of the month
All commissions from previous month will be included into the payout
We allow you a month to check the payout, if you do not mark it as paid within this period, it will go into overdue state
Once you paid the affiliate; mark the payout as paid
In the upcoming payouts you can already see what is coming up next month

Paying an affiliate / Marking things as paid

When clicking on a payout the drawer will open up. Within here you can see all commissions which are included within the payout.

pay out an affiliate

Updated on: 08/10/2023

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