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How to recruit SaaS affiliates?

How to recruit SaaS affiliates?

There are many ways of recruiting affiliates, see here a couple:
Start with your own network - article
Find high ranking sites for relevant keywords
Recruit competitor affiliates
Invite people/companies with access to your ICP in bulk
List yourself in the Reditus Marketplace

Want to learn more on recruiting affiliates (and the above points, check out the video below)

Add yourself to the Reditus Marketplace

By adding yourself to the marketplace, you will be showcased toward all the B2B SaaS affiliates.
The marketplace is publicly available
The marketplace is shown within the affiliate dashboard

The Reditus Marketplace is besides the dashboard pages, the most viewed page of our app.

Need help with affiliate recruitment?

Reditus does offer a service which is "done-for-you". We will actively recruit affiliates for your affiliate program. Contact us for more information.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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