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Inviting affiliates to your program

How to invite affiliates to your affiliate program

Your current network are the best affiliates to start with! Learn here on how you can get them invited into your program easily.

Before inviting affiliates to your program, make sure you have completed the technical installation.

Even with our Marketplace if you don’t put in time / effort yourself you won’t be growing as fast as you could. See below how you can start inviting affiliates and idea’s to kickstart your affiliate program.

Inviting affiliates to join your affiliate program

Different ways to have affiliates join your program

Send them the auto-accept invite link using your own email system (they automatically get accepted)
Send them to your landing page
Send them to your sign-up page
Receive affiliate requests by listing yourself in the Reditus Marketplace

See below a video or textual in-depth guides on how to invite affiliates per way.

You can turn on auto-accept in our app here, which auto approves any new affiliate requests coming in.

You are probably already using a mailing system where you have contact with clients and potential partners. Why not make use of that?
In your portal, you can find a unique link here (, which allows you to directly invite affiliates to your program.

When to use this option;

When you want to invite your current users/network via your own mailing system
When you automatically want to accept requests

2. Send Affiliates to your landing page

Don’t want to accept them right away? Want to send affiliates from your website to a place where they can register? The landing page is the best way.
Once you complete the installation your page will be live, no matter if you are on a free or paid plan. You can find you page by going to;

See our example here; Reditus Affiliate Program Landing page

It is the name you filled out here:

Used spaces? replace them with _

(example; Reditus Company =

When to use this option;

When you still want to show them more about your pogram
You want to manually approve them

4. Send Affiliates to your sign-up page

Once you complete the technical installation you will also have your branded sign-up page. You can find this URL by going to your landing page and clicking “apply now” or going here;

When to use this option;

They are ready to join your program (seen a landing page on your site)
You want to manually approve them

Don't know where to start? Learn more here on how to recruit affiliates for your SaaS.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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