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Testing the Sign Up Snippet

Want to know if the Conversion Snippet is working?

You will need to do a test sign up to see if the conversion snippet is working.

Go to your settings page
Click on the verify link, next to the snippet
Create a test sign up
Refresh the page;
When installed correctly; it will be say 'verified' when refreshing the page
When not correctly installed; it won't change

Most common mistakes
Not having the tracking script installed where the snippet is being triggered
Not sending us the actual email attribute ( > needs to be replaced with the actual email)

Conversion snippet gives a <Undefined> Value back.

Your email variable is not captured by the conversion snippet, hence sending <undefined> value

If you noticed in the conversion snippet, you will realize that it requires a compulsory variable to be sent back to Reditus server which is email:

gr('track', 'conversion', {
If the conversion is appearing on your dashboard, this is because of the following scenario below:

SUCCESS SCENARIO: Your email value exists
gr('track', 'conversion', {

However, if the conversion is not appearing on your dashboard, it may also mean this is what is happening:

FAIL SCENARIO: Your email value is undefined
gr('track', 'conversion', {
In order to verify that, you can test copying gr(’track’ , ’conversion’) to your Google Chrome’s Developer Console where you will receive the same error:

sign up snippet

When this happens, our conversion snippet will never run or even if it’s initiated, an undefined value would be rejected by Reditus servers hence giving you the no conversion error from the dashboard.

Updated on: 24/09/2023

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