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Connecting Stripe

See how to connect Stripe with Reditus

Make sure you are signed up to Reditus.

Once signed in, go to your settings page and toggle to the installation tab: direct link (make sure you are logged in).

Reditus installation tab

Connect Stripe

Connect Stripe

Log into Stripe

You will be pushed towards the log in page from Stripe, log in and verify yourself.

log into Stripe

verify login

Go back to Reditus

Stripe will be connected once you see the "disconnect Stripe" button.

Stripe is connected

Make sure the email is provided within the Stripe payments

var stripe = Stripe('pk_test_BLN99TPxNnUBFGtSD..........');

      lineItems: [{ price: 'price_1HlkW92aSFsAw', quantity: 1 }],
      mode: 'subscription',
      successUrl: '',
      cancelUrl: '',
      customerEmail: ''
    }).then(function (result) {});

We use the customerEmail to match the payment with the converted referral and to calculate the commission for your partner.

See also our video explaining the installation process for more information.

Updated on: 23/09/2023

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