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Reditus API

When to use the Reditus API?

Send us referral payment information (when you don’t use Stripe or Paddle Billing)
Pull any partner related data to your own systems

Payments API

The payments API is going to be useful when you do not use Stripe or Paddle and can not use our pre-built integration. So in cases, you use payment providers like Mollie, Chargebee, Paypal or any other this will be interesting for you. The payment connection is needed for us to see if a referral went to paid or not, so when you don’t have Stripe this is the best option. All to make sure you will create an automated affiliate program.

You do not need this when you integrated Stripe or Padle already.

The API can work by itself and does not need the other parts of the API, as long as the;
The tracking script is installed correctly
The snippet installed correctly

How to get the Payments API working?

Make a call to our Payments API every time a payment is made
Send us; referral email, payment interval and amount, currency, and the ID of the associated subscription (see screenshot below)
The idempotency_key parameter helps against tracking the same payment twice, so it should be a unique string per payment
See technical docs here:

We do not clean up accounts in production after extensive testing. We have a staging environment available for testing. Message us if you want access.

How does it look?

Other API options

If you need any help with the other options in the API. Let us know. They are all made to automate your partner program as much as possible, plus having the information at the right place. Get in touch via chat in the app or on our homepage.

Updated on: 23/09/2023

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