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How long does it take to install Reditus?

You are able to set up the entire partner program in less than 10minutes (when you are using Stripe). See here the full guide on how to setup Reditus as a SaaS. It requires three steps to get things started;
Install our tracking script
Install our signup snippet (one line of code to be added to your signup form)
Connect your payment processor

Important: You will need access to the website, code of the signup form, and Stripe in order to complete the signup process. See more instructions at the link above.

Can I get a demo or call first?

Yes. Not sure if you want to start an affiliate program for your SaaS? Don’t want to sign up just yet? Just sent us a message via the chat, email us or book a demo directly here;

Why do I need to connect my payment processor

You will need connect Stripe, Paddle, or use our API in order to use Reditus. The connection with your payment processor allows us to see which referral became paid users and how much they are paying. From here we are able to calculate the commission for your partners.

Are you sending manual invoices to clients? Ping us in chat to discuss other options for this step.

We don’t use Stripe or Paddle can we still setup an Affiliate Program?

Yes. We also offer an API which allows you to send us payment information. See more information about our API here;

Are you sending manual invoices to clients? Ping us in chat to discuss other options for this step.

A cookie keeps track of who clicked a partners link, and will connect a signup to a partner in the set timeframe. You can decide your own cookie length in your program, allowing you to decide until which moment a referral needs to be attributed. A common cookie period is between 30-90 days.

What partner commission do I need to offer?

Within Reditus you are able to create multiple tiers for partners. This allows you to have partners grow into a higher plan when they do well. Before making any tiers we would recommend you check your Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA) en Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). Having these two numbers will help you to make better decisions in creating Tiers.

Knowing you ARPA will allow you to calculate what a partner will get on average when bringing in a new client. Is it going to be a number they are going to be happy with?

Check the total commission against your CAC (and any other costs you make). This allows you to compare the costs of bringing in new clients.

See here more information about the multiple tiers feature;

We installed our script, but it isn't working properly. What can be wrong?
It is not installed on all pages (including the pages where you signup)
You installed it within the wrong GTM container

Does the tracking work across sub domains?
Yes. This is a very typical setup for SaaS companies and we support this. Make sure you install the tracking script on the main domain + on the page where the sign up is happening on the sub domain.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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