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Installing the tracking script

See how to install the Reditus tracking script.

About the Tracking Script

The tracking script allows us to see who clicked an affiliate link, and signed up after. A cookie 🍪  gets placed on the device after an affiliate link has been clicked. The duration of the cookie is something you control in your dashboard.

Do not place the tracking script behind the cookie banner. We do not need cookie consent as we do not build up a profile from your visitors. More information can be found at the FAQ section.

Adding tracking script to a HTML website

Add the Script which you can find in your settings before the <head> tag. By adding the script before the <head> it will be often present on every page of your site.

Important: Make sure the tracker is present at the page where the referrals will land + where they sign up. This might be a different domain like;

Adding tracking script to Google Tag Manager

  1. Go to your Tag Manager account
  1. Add a new Tag
Notion image

3. Setup the Tag like below and hit Save

Notion image

4. Submit your changes via the dashboard;

Notion image

Adding Tracking Script to a Wordpress website

  1. Login into your website
  1. Install a Header & Footer script plugin (if you haven't already)
  1. Go to your settings > head and footer scripts
  1. Copy and paste the code into the header box, like below;
Notion image

Need Help?

  • Send us an in-app chat message when you need help with the setup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We installed our script, but it isn't working properly. What can be wrong?
  • It is not installed on all pages (including the pages where you signup)
  • You installed it within the wrong GTM container
I'm Using CSP and the script is not working

If you are using CSP (link:, you need to add a "img-src" directive for "" in order for Reditus tracking to work. Things in "" should be code.

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