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Privacy Summary

Summary on how we deal with Privacy

To show you have seriously we take privacy, see here a summary of what we have done and continue to be doing.

1. Privacy Certified

Officially you can't be GDPR certified, the closest thing in the Netherlands is getting your company privacy verified. This isn't something that is not necessary, but we wanted to prove how serious we are about privacy.

We have officially completed all the steps by and you can find our certification here;

2. Data we look at

Setting up Reditus requires you to complete some steps as a SaaS business, which gives us access to your systems. See here what we do in certain cases:

Tracking script on your site / placing cookies

This only gets done by visitors who visited the website via a partner link, so no necessary cookies are placed and data is collected.

Snippet in signup form

We only track signups with an active cookie, this means we don't look at all the other signups.

Stripe connection

We look at all the payments/subscriptions and find the ones which came in by a partner, if they didn't; we don't store that information. If they did, we only show the relevant information within Reditus. Partners don't get access to the full emails, if the email is, it will be shown as j****

3. Stripe Verified

Connecting your Stripe basically could give us a lot of payment info, as explained above we only look at the necessary information. Just to go a step further, we are in the works becoming a Stripe Verified partner.

4. Encrypted Database

Maybe needless to say but we encrypt all the data in our database, so our subproccessors don't have access to any personal information.

To conclude;
When we started building privacy & security have been top of mind, this will continue when we keep developer Reditus. See here all our extensive documentation;

Updated on: 24/09/2023

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