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HubSpot Setup Guide for Reditus

How to Setup the Reditus <> HubSpot integration.

We have two different HubSpot integrations.
Send affiliate data from Reditus to HubSpot (this one)
Capture referrals from HubSpot Calendar bookings on your site (see here)

In this article we will walk through; how to push Reditus into HubSpot. It will allow you to;
Start onboarding email sequences for affiliates
Keep all your affiliates updated via a newsletter
Add the Reditus origin to a sign up

1. Sign in to Reditus - here

2. Connect HubSpot via your settings - here

Click HubSpot from the integrations, and click "Connect" on the pop up.

connect HubSpot to Reditus

3. Turn on a pre-defined flow

We have created pre-defined flows for you to send data to HubSpot, select the one you want to use by switching on the Toggle. You will need to connect HubSpot first, before being able to toggle on a flow.

4. Map our fields within HubSpot

Select where you want our data to go within your HubSpot account, by easily using the drowdown feature.

5. Setup more flows (if needed)

You can select multiple flows, to take most advantage of our integration.

Data now gets pushed into HubSpot 🎉

Based on the flow you have chosen, data will be pushed to HubSpot. Remember, it will be pushed every 5minutes so it might take a bit for the data to be pushed to your account.

Want to disconnect Reditus from HubSpot?

Note: If you disconnect your HubSpot account from Reditus, Affiliates & referral data will no longer sync to HubSpot contacts and companies. Existing data will remain on your HubSpot records.

Log into Reditus
Navigate to Settings > Integrations
Click the HubSpot integration
Click Disconnect

Updated on: 15/07/2024

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