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SaaS vs Affiliate

Am I a SaaS or an Affiliate?

If you are asking yourself this question, 99% of the time you will have to sign up as a Partner. Either way, we will fully explain the difference below between a SaaS and a Partner.

Difference between a Partner and a SaaS business

When signing up for Reditus you can choose between signing up as a SaaS business or Partner. What is the difference and why do we offer two different logins?

B2B SaaS business = when you have your own Software and you want to grow it by having other people refer it (partners and/or affiliates)
Partner / Affiliate = You want to start referring Software to others and generate a passive revenue stream when they sign up.

When signing up you will get the below screen. Decide based on the above what kind of account you want to open.

Affiliate sign up

Signup as a Partner;

B2B Affiliate program

In this article, we explained more about what a B2B SaaS partner program is, we won't go too much into depth here about it. If you are looking for more content, check out these articles;

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To grow your SaaS a partner program is a great addition to your existing revenue channels. We would recommend having an inbound and partner channel and an outbound channel when your ARPA’s are high enough.

Affiliates / Parnters

Affiliates are people who are trying to get something in return by referring people to software. This can be either a discount, commission, or anything else. Mostly however it is based on a kickback fee as provided by Reditus.

If you are unfamiliar with Affiliate Marketing, check out this site;[ Affiliate Marketing Income](

When you are starting out your own site and want to know how to become (more) successful with it, check out this blog on How to set up a successful affiliate marketing site. Other relevant blogs;

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Updated on: 24/09/2023

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