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How to earn your first commission?

Welcome to Reditus, a tool focused on making you revenue by referring SaaS.

**How to earn money as an affiliate**

1. Sign up as an affiliate

To get started and being to apply to SaaS partner programs you will need to create a Reditus account, this is can be done within a few minutes here; Using Reditus will be always free for affiliates.

2. Complete onboarding steps

To show the SaaS company who wants to join their partner program we would like to know more about you. Make sure you keep this information accurate to increase your chances to be approved for partner programs via the marketplace.

3. Confirm your email

We want to avoid any fake signups, hence we ask you to confirm your email. We will use this email to send you any news regarding new (paid) signups and any other news around Reditus and the programs you have joined.

Important; Make sure you check your Spam and mark Reditus as safe. As you will receive partner program emails going forward you don't want to miss them.

4. Configure your account

Some last steps to get more information about you, which we will show to SaaS companies when you apply to their program (or got accepted). Most SaaS companies payout the affiliate commission via Paypal, hence we request a Paypal email. In the future we will add multiple ways of paying out. As the SaaS companies do the payouts themselves they are already able to payout differently.

5. Apply to a SaaS Affiliate Program

When you didn’t join a partner program yet, go to the marketplace to see all of the live SaaS partner programs; Every SaaS company can ask different qualifying questions, this helps to understand if there is a match. You will need to fill out these questions.

Once accepted to a partner program it is time to start sharing your affiliate link! Some ideas on where you can share them;
Via Email (newsletter)
On your blog
Via Social (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.)
Any other places

Did someone not use your link when signing up? No worries, you can easily import referrals.

7. Track your performance

Within Reditus you can easily track your performance, this works either per program or in total. Some metrics you can keep track of;
Unique clicks
Paid & Churned referrals

These are the most important metrics in a partner program, want to see other metrics? Let us know via the chat or email us at

8. Receive affiliate commissions

When people signed up via your link and started to pay the Software company you will start earning commissions. Commissions are paid out per Software company, meaning you need to hit their threshold to be eligible in receiving a payout.

Once you hit the threshold for the partner program they will pay you out, this is done by the SaaS company themselves.

If you need any help or are experiencing any issues, always feel free to reach out to us via chat (always present in the right lower corner of the app).

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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