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Setup Reditus as a SaaS (Full Guide)

Get an affiliate program setup in less than 10 Minutes.

With an affiliate program you can leverage other peoples network to grow your SaaS. For us to track this, we would need you to complete the technical installation.

1. Sign up as a SaaS

Go here if you want refer software to earn money; sign up as an SaaS affiliate

We purely help B2B SaaS companies to setup an affiliate program. If you are looking to set up an affiliate program for your course, e-commerce or any other kind of business; we will not be the right fit for you.

Why: our app is build for recurring payments for recurring SaaS subscriptions.

  • Confirm your email
    • Go here if you haven’t received confirmation email, check your Spam as well.
  • Complete the onboarding flow

3. Create a SaaS Affiliate Program

  • Fill out your company/website name, this will be used to show in the marketplace & your landing page (Once the installation is done, you will have your own landingpage, which would look like this;
  • Fill out your website URL. Easiest is to copy/paste it from the URL bar when going to your own site (this way you know if you need to add www. or not).
  • Determine what percentage of commission you would like to give + how long.
    • You can change this later in your settings

4. Add the tracking script to your website

For us to track referrals you will need to add a tracking script to your website (including the sign-up page). Use the button "copy to clipboard" to copy the tracking script.

  • Install the tracker on your website (all pages)
  • Do not place the script behind the cookie wall.
Important; The tracker has to be installed on every page people leave their information. This can be Book a demo or Sign up page.

5. Add the snippet into your signup form & book a demo

This step is often done by developers. What does this snippet do?

  • Looks at an active cookie
  • Sends us the email of someone signing up when there is an active cookie

The snippet has to be installed in the code of the sign up & book a demo forms (or any other Call to Action). Want to test if it is working properly? Use the verify link on your installation page and create a test referral.


Using Wordpress? Or a 3rd party tool? See this guide:

6. Send us payment information

For us to track referrals buying a paid subscription we would need you to receive payment information. Connect Stripe or Paddle.


Ps. need a more manual solution? Use our API (not available in our free plans).

7. Setup details for your landing page & Marketplace

Notion image
  1. Check all the details above
  1. Setup questions which affiliates have to fill out when applying
  1. Add your affiliate / partner terms (email us if you don’t have one)
  1. Add a resource URL (google drive or dropbox link)
  1. Add Multiple tiers. Have affiliate earn more commissions when they bring you paid clients (available from growth package)

8. Start inviting affiliates

You are now all set to start growing your business? You can add affiliates in three ways, those can be all found here;

  1. Send them an email from the app
  1. Send them an email via your own mailing tool with your unique link
  1. Send them your landing page ({name})

9. Keep track of what happens

Within your dashboard, you can keep track of everything you need to know and see who is performing best.

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