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SaaS Checklist to launch an affiliate program

Did you cover everything on this list to launch succesfully?

SaaS - Checklist

See all steps needed to launch your affiliate program and kickstart it from day 1.

Want to create a profitable SaaS Partner program? Recommend you to follow the below steps to get the most out of your program quickly.

Technical setup

  • Install tracking script
  • Install conversion snippet
  • Setup Payment processor connection


  • Add Reditus to your cookie notice
  • Add Reditus as a sub processor to your documentation
  • Add the link to your partner agreement terms in your settings

Partner Program

  • Define your commission percentage
  • Define your commission duration (in months)
  • Create multiple partner tiers (available from Growth Package)
  • Add your partner program to your site
  • Invite your (current) partners

See here a pdf which you can use as a reference;

Notion image

Reditus is a B2B SaaS Affiliate Marketing tool, which helps you to manage your partners and find new ones through the marketplace. If you want more information, always feel free to send us an email or contact us via chat.

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