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Conversion snippet

How to troubleshoot the conversion snippet installation?

Trouble installing the conversion snippet.

This guide is meant to address all the possible issues you may encounter when attempting to install the conversion snippet depending on the type of tech stack you’re using to power your conversion page.


1. Conversion not appearing.

Your email variable is not captured by the snippet

If you noticed in the conversion snippet, you will realize that it requires a compulsory variable to be sent back to Reditus server which is email:

gr('track', 'conversion', { 

If the conversion is appearing on your dashboard, this is because of the following scenario below:

SUCCESS SCENARIO: Your email value exists
gr('track', 'conversion', { 

However, if the conversion is not appearing on your dashboard, it may also mean this is what is happening:

FAIL SCENARIO: Your email value is undefined
gr('track', 'conversion', { 

2. Using a 3rd party form.

Not all 3rd party forms allow you to add the conversion snippet, however we do have a work-around for that created for you.

If you need help during the setup, feel free to reach out to us as we do offer live chat and technical assistance.
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