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Connecting payment processor

See how to connect Stripe, Paddle or any other payment processor with Reditus.

Why do you need to connect your payment platform?

We use the Stripe connection to keep track of the referrals, it will allow us to see;

  • Referrals going to a paid subscription
  • Calculate commission based on paid amount
  • Adjust commission based on changes to the subscription
  • Mark referrals as churned when they stopped their subscription

Our connections are read only which means we will won't be able to change any of your data, as it already is in the name; we only read the data.

Connecting Stripe

Stripe is the most used payment processor within SaaS and is ideal to connect with. Hence it is great to setup an affiliate program with Stripe. How to set this up.

1. Go to your Settings > Installation

Notion image

2. Sign in to your Stripe account to connect it with Reditus


3. Connect your Stripe account

As you see on the screen, we only ask for "read-only" rights. This means we won't be able to change anything in your account.

4. Important Stripe Setting❗️

For your payments to be tracked, you will need to provide the customer's email to Stripe.

Please provide the customerEmail attribute in the Stripe payment form.



var stripe = Stripe('pk_test_BLN99TPxNnUBFGtSD..........');

      lineItems: [{ price: 'price_1HlkW92aSFsAw', quantity: 1 }],
      mode: 'subscription',
      successUrl: '',
      cancelUrl: '',
      customerEmail: ''
    }).then(function (result) {});

We use the customerEmail to match the payment with the converted referral and to calculate the commission for your partner.

5. Connection is completed

Once you have hit 'connect' you are directed back to the app where you should get this banner. This means everything worked out and Stripe is connected. As you can see the Connect button changed to Disconnect.

Which data do we collect

We have to look at all your subscriptions to spot the referrals, we only store the data which has a partner key attached to it.

We offer live chat support during EU hours, always feel free to send us a message if you need more hel0

Connecting Paddle

Coming soon.


Connecting with our API

See other articles. More information coming here soon.


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