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Growing your Affiliate Program

How to grow your affiliate program?

SaaS - How to grow your affiliate program?


If there is one thing you should know about an affiliate program, it will be; the more time you put into your affiliate program, the more will come out of it.

Things you will need to spend time on;

  • One-time: Set up an interesting program
  • One-time: Arrange all legal details
  • Ongoing: Recruit affiliates
  • Ongoing: Engage / motivate affiliates

Setup an attractive program;

When deciding your program details, keep the affiliates in mind. If you are selling an average subscription for $100 per month and giving 10% commission for 24 months, it means they receive $240 in total.

If you would give them 30% for 24 months they would receive $720, that is a huge difference. In the end affiliates do this for the money, so make sure you make your program is going to be attractive.

Arrange all legal details

When your program becomes big you don’t want to find out you should have create affiliate terms when you started, terms will make sure you can keep your program on track. It will set the basis for the program and affiliates will need to agree to this

Need an affiliate terms template? Email us.

Recruit Affiliates

  1. Add yourself to the Reditus Marketplace (here)
  1. List the program on your website (in the footer)
  1. Invite current network / users to join your program
  1. Invite agencies / consultants or other type of companies which are relevant for you
  1. Reach out to your competitor affiliates to join your program
  1. Reach out to publishers in your niche
  1. Find bloggers which rank for your keywords; reach out to them
  1. Receive affiliate requests via the Marketplace, accept or decline them
Need help with Affiliate Recruitment? Reach out to us, we do offer service packages.

Engage / Motivate Affiliates

Once you have affiliate it is crucial to keep them engaged and motivated to keep promoting you. How can you do this?

  • Send out partner newsletters
  • Offer extra benefits when they are doing well
  • Survey affiliates to see what drives them
  • Find the high performers and work more closely with them

See our blog for more in-depth information:

We offer live chat support during EU hours, always feel free to send us a message if you need more help

Reditus is a SaaS Marketplace of affiliate programs. It is a great way to grow your SaaS with the use of affiliates.

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