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Get Listed in the marketplace

Looking for new affiliates? List yourself in our marketplace. Purely for B2B SaaS companies.

Promote yourself to our network of B2B SaaS affiliates. Important: We only list B2B SaaS companies in the Reditus Marketplace.

When you are looking to grow your B2B SaaS outside of your own network, listing in the Reditus marketplace can be the perfect way. How will this help you?

  • Affiliates within Reditus will see you in the marketplace & can apply to join your program
  • SaaS companies interested in Reditus will see you

How can you get your SaaS listed?

1. Complete the technical installation

We don’t allow companies in the marketplace when the installation isn’t done yet. Make sure you installed everything, you won’t be able to buy a premium package before you did.

  • Install tracking script
  • Install conversion snippet
  • Setup Payment processor connection

2. Set up everything for your partner program

Make sure you filled out all the information on the partner program page;

This information will be used in your landing page & marketplace listing!

Notion image
  1. Check all the details above (filled out during signups or here)
  1. Setup questions which affiliates have to fill out when applying
  1. Add your affiliate / partner terms
  1. Add a resource URL (google drive or dropbox link)
  1. Add Multiple tiers. Have affiliate earn more commissions when they bring you paid clients (available from growth package)

3. Buy a premium subscription

Once 1 & 2 are done it is time to get yourself listed. You can do it yourself by buying a premium subscription to Reditus. Pricing and features per plan are listed on the website;


Buy a premium subscription yourself here;

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Once you purchased a premium plan you will be listed in the marketplace.
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