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Reditus Pricing

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Reditus Pricing:

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes. Within the free plan you can use the basic functionalities and start inviting partners for your partner program. The free plan gives you access to generate up to $1k MRR via your partners. You won't receive a listing in the marketplace with the free package.

Why does Reditus only offer annual subscriptions?
When do I get access to the SaaS marketplace

With every paid package of Reditus you are able to get listed in the marketplace and receive new partner requests. You will need to complete the entire setup first before you are shown in the marketplace, this will make sure your referrals are tracked properly.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel the subscription any time before the renewal date (see your app for the date). Be aware of the agreements you have made with your partners when they generated referrals for you.

Why should I want to get myself listed in the Reditus marketplace
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