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General Questions

What Is B2B SaaS?

B2B stands for Business to Business and SaaS for Software As A Service. So it means business software on a subscription model (often monthly or annual). Learn more B2B SaaS terms here.

What is a B2B SaaS affiliate program?

It is other people referring a software in exchange for a commission, a pay-per-performance marketing model which is highly scalable when done right. This way of marketing allows you to control LTV:CAC from the first start. Read more about B2B SaaS affiliate programs here;

What is a saas partner program?

Why start a partner program for your SaaS?

As a partner program is a pay-per-performance model it is a great way to open up a new revenue channel, without too much upfront costs. When going for a tool which includes a marketplace it also allows you to penetrate new markets with the use of (local) partners. Learn more on how Affiliate Marketing can help your SaaS.

When to start a partner program?

We recommend to start a partner program when you have product-market-fit. Meaning you have your first paying clients, which are using your software. Ideally you even have already a couple of partners lined up to join your program, this is not necessary though.

How is Reditus different from its competitors?
  • We offer a Marketplace where you can grow outside your own network
  • We offer entry-friendly pricing, meaning any SaaS can start using us (we even have a free plan)
  • Live-chat support, also for partners

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Can you really make revenue via Affiliate Marketing?

Yes. It is a profitable revenue channel for SaaS as well for Affiliates. As many things, the more time and effort you put into it the more you will earn. Learn more on how to make income via SaaS Affiliate Marketing.

How are B2C & B2B Affiliate Marketing different from each other?

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