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Affiliates & Affiliate Tiers


How Do I invite affiliates to my affiliate program?

First you need to completed the entire setup, to be able to invite partners. Once completed there are three ways to invite partners;

  1. Email them one-by-one via our app here;
  1. Use the link showcased on this page, this link can be used in your own email systems. When people click on this link they automatically get accepted to your program.
  1. Send them to your custom landing, this will be; When they sign up here you will receive the partner invites in your app and you need to approve them.

Going for a premium subscription also allows you to gain new partners outside of your own network.

How does the Marketplace work?

The Saas Marketplace is a great way to get your program in front of new potential partners. We only show B2B SaaS companies, which also means that the partners are related to this industry.

Once you purchased a paid subscription you will be listed into the marketplace, partners can request to become a partner. We do recommend adding ‘partner questions’ so you can qualify your partners before accepting or declining them.

Want to revert a decision? Open up a chat or email us at and we will help you.

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When clicking on 'show' they will be guided to your own custom landing page where they will see more information about the program and have to answers the questions you have set in your settings.

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The answers will be shown at the partner request in your portal

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Can I reject affiliates?

When you are listed in the marketplace and you don’t want certain partners to join your program you can easily reject them. We recommend adding the parter questions to your apply flow, giving you more information about the partners.

If you invited the partners via your unique link or our email system you won’t be able to reject them. Want to stop a partnership? Email us or open up a chat.

How do I payout affiliates?

First of all, we do not ‘touch’ the money, meaning you will payout partners directly. We launched a feature which is called Paypal Bulk Payouts, which allows you to pay everything at once. Don’t have access to this feature? Download the commissions to be paid out on the commission page.

You can decide how you pay your partners, the most used way is via Paypal.

Affiliate Tiers

Can I set up multiple Tiers?

Yes. Within the growth package you will get acces to the multiple tier feature. It allows you to setup public & private tiers.

You can setup your partner tiers here; Link (Only available in the Growth package or higher)

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The public tiers will be shown to partners and within the marketplace.

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Can I give Agencies a different deal?

Yes. You can create a private tier if you want to give a certain group of partners different terms. See below an example;

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How do I motivate affiliates?
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