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Intro into Reditus

What is Reditus?

Reditus is an affiliate management platform which purely focuses on B2B SaaS. We allow SaaS companies to setup, manage & grow their affiliate program. SaaS companies can list their affiliate program into our affiliate program marketplace which allows affiliates to see it. From here they can apply to a program, which helps them both to earn new revenue when they generate new paid clients.

Affiliate Marketing is a cost-effective way for SaaS companies to grow, as you would only pay affiliates when they deliver you paid clients. For affiliates it is a great way to setup a new revenue channel, as it are purely recurring commissions and due to the B2B focus it are higher ticket prices.

See below a quick video with more information about Reditus. We will cover:

✅ What is Reditus
✅ The difference between SaaS & Affiliates
✅ The Reditus Marketplace

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Updated on: 07/11/2023

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