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From Setting up to earning first commissions

Getting Started with Reditus

How is Reditus different from other affiliate software?

Reditus is only focussed on B2B SaaS companies, meaning we do not list any other companies in the marketplace. This will mean you will only see companies which offer recurring commissions which are often higher than B2C.

Next to this we offer a marketplace, which allows you to join multiple programs from one portal. No more switching between portals when you join multiple programs.

We offer live chat to everyone. Need help as a partner? Open up a chat with us (always available in the lower right corner).

What do I need to set up to get started?

Go to our marketplace and request to join a program, you will automatically create a Reditus account. After completing you can request a partnership at the other companies listed.

See the more extensive version on setting up an account here;

How do I join a partner program?

You can join a partner program in two ways;

  1. Via an email invite from a SaaS company
  1. Via our SaaS Marketplace
Why do I need to provide my PayPal account?

Your PayPal information will be shown to the SaaS companies once you started to generate money for them, and they need to start paying you a commission. Your commission will be paid out via Paypal.

If you do not have PayPal we would recommend you create an account. If this is not possible due to any reason, please reach out to the SaaS company to see if they are willing/able to pay out commissions differently.

Where do I find my referral links?
What does Reditus cost?

For partners, Reditus is free to use. You don't pay anything for using Reditus and we do not take any fee on the commission. This is possible as we charge the SaaS companies a subscription fee to make use of our tool.

When do I receive my payouts?

This will vary per SaaS company, you can see the specific details per company by going to the partnership agreement terms. You can find the URL to that within the marketplace. Payouts will be done directly by the SaaS companies, they will not be handled by Reditus.

Why don't I see full emails from Referrals?

We care about privacy, hence we don't show full emails from referrals to partners. You are able to see the domain to check who signed up via your link. As an example, will be shown as; j*****

How do I manually upload a referral?
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